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Ramblings Of An Unbeliever

It’s amusing to me to think how much religion has had to back off on it’s stand point of God and religion in the world from everything from the Bible and dogma is literally true, then science uncover evidences that disproves more and more claims of the Bible, then religion instead being king of the hill is now simply trying to justify why “people need religion.” They went from making complete fact based claims about history and the world to justifying the meta physics and that you can’t “disprove God” well to be fair we haven’t given science enough time or funding in my opinion. Religion is truly falling very clumsily from grace.

I was also thinking why must I proclaim I am an atheist, anti-theist, unbeliever, or non-believer to state my thoughts on the ridiculousness of a desert religion that was lucky to be taken up by the most powerful fool in modern day Europe, the ruler of the Roman Empire, and made it the state religion. To think of the world today where Christianity, Islam, and Judaism stayed in the middle east to kill and rape each other across the sands. ASIDE that point, I never have to proclaim that I am an anti-fairyist or non Santa believer. I don’t have to say as a point of interest in a conversation my beliefs on whether or not Elvis is dead. Why can’t we make this comparisons with the well established religions of today?

People may think that my attack on religions is that I hate the believers and that can’t be farther from the truth. To quote Ricky Gervias “suggesting I hate people with religion because I hate religion is like suggesting I hate people with cancer because I hate cancer.” I greatly admire and am extremely fortunate to be able to work with the athletes that I coach (*note I do not push my beliefs here at them at all). 

Listening to Richard Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene” has been probably some of the most beautiful language I have heard. It is technical and I’m sure very boring. But it seems (pardon the phrasing) magical that science could uncover such the beautiful and wonderful workings of our early life and what we are made of. This book hits the part in my mind that helps with the concreteness that we are evolved organic matter from an early earth that is similar to a soup pot. Which disproves much of the Bible and other holy books….as well as the fact that the most advanced nation (in ancient times) China NEVER heard of these Abrahamic religions until much, much later in history. How can this “God” want to save everyone but never expose itself to the Chinese who could already read! It doesn’t make sense. 

Off of that why is atheism looked at as a dark and awful room where no one gets along and we’re all suicide prone people with no purpose of living. My friends and I are all fun, silly, loving, and generally enjoyable people whom to my knowledge have no awful thoughts on an early death or have dark personalities. Granted I have some dark, seemingly, thoughts and realizations on the world as it is. I don’t like to think the universe revolves around me. I know I’m not even a spec or the smallest conceived atom in comparison to the entire space of this universe and possibly MANY OTHER universes. So why would the creator of the universe possibly care at all about one species on a random planet in a random solar system in a, yes random galaxy. Please if you want to believe in a higher being don’t follow dogma and adopt a cosmic view of life (YouTube Neil deGrasse Tyson). 

My dream lunch date would be with Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Brilliant and clever men. The combination of history, politics, science and reason I can only imagine would make for wonderful conversation. To think that in the wrong culture or time period these men might of been suppressed. 


Funny the world we live in. The one where we humans have dominated this small yet, huge world we live in with this 4 or 5 lbs hunk of cell tissue on top of our heads. This brilliant thing sculpted by thousands of years needing to be ahead of the curve. This massive engine consuming 20% of our caloric intake per day. Naturally in a world where food would normally be hard to come by on a daily basis this engine would want to remain idle whenever possible. Mental shortcuts, napping, sitting down when possible all favorable actions to this giant caloric demander.

So let’s flash forward we are in a world where food is generally reachable and we do not have to hunt down and/or gather our own meal but in return we need to provide another kind of service or product to obtain food/shelter/luxuries. Surrounded by our fellow mankind, the fear is no more about the unknown of attacking animals. We have safety. Now how do we spend our 50 to 90 years of living on earth in this community? Well we don’t want you cause any trouble so we’re going to lead you on to make you believe that you want to get an education. Then tell you that you REALLY want to get a high paying job (that means you have to work a lot of hours) that mentally drains you and stresses you out. But don’t stop there you need to find a mate and reproduce little carbon copies of you and your mate that will drain you and occupy your time further. So what sounds so wrong with that? Uh well there is where your brain, that lovely engine, is already running on a couple cylinders so it wants to be lazy or restraint on other matters in your life. What does this mean? Well you’re gonna be more willing to take the mental shortcut. Anything that can be hand fed to you, tailor made and pre thought out FOR you. You just need to watch this “News” channel for all your opinions on certain issues. 

Wait, wait Brendan now you just seem like a looney. I’m not like this, I’m educated and have my own independent thoughts and opinions. This maybe true but from what I’ve seen it’s easier to just accept the tailor made thought and just have “faith” that it works than do the research and come up with your own answer.

To me the problem of religion comes down to a few points that a couple smart (or truly stupid) individuals came up with to control the masses. The social aspect of human nature. We are not the strongest nor the fastest but damn we are smart and a group of humans are even smarter so naturally we are social animals with deep innate traits to long for human acceptance and interaction. Next, the laziness of the brain. Again you’re working 40 hour weeks in a bland cubicle with co-workers you hate, causing you stress than coming home to 2 or 3 kids that have to be at ten places at once. Not only feeding said brain….uh….SHIT…sugary breads and meat without the vital vitamins of fruits and veggies (but hey you get those from your pills right?). So yeah your brain is in no mood to want to think out complicated life issues like “Where do we go after we die?” or “Is there a God?” No your brain will prefer just saying “John 3:16.” Money. It all comes down to this. Even if the preachers realize that this religion thing is total BS why would they give up their power and respect that they get and DEMAND from society? Tax-free donations and congregations buying priests houses and cars? Yeah sounds a good career to get into. The religious are embedded and in bed with the people in power with the money why on earth would they willing admit that their whole thing is a hoax? These people are defending God, religion not because of their “faith” but because it’s their CAREER! 40,50,60 year old preachers worked their whole lives for that job and then it’s out of date….so they go work at McDonalds? Yeah right.

Finally we have history to tie it together. Why is Christianity the major religion in the US of A? Well because it’s the right one…duh. Wait it was settled by pretty much ALL christian european nations? Ah that might have a little thing to do with it. Then the Western nations saw the biggest economic boom to expand world power and so the people think they’re on top of the world and so their religion MUST be right but god granted them the power position. So what about China. What about China? Oh that before Christian missionaries that China was an atheist nation (and still is) Confucianism is a guideline for life and doesn’t demand the worship of a “god.” If one religion is “right” wouldn’t it and its dogma be spread to all beings with the capability for understanding this greater being. Well no. No it was only spread to a small fraction of the world (big fraction way back when because the “world” was considered to be the Mediterranean) until modern discovery. 

For me it’s simple to see. Simple to believe if you want to hear and see the truth. 

I’d like to quote Fight Club:

Tyler Durden: Listen to me! You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, he hates you. This is not the worst thing that can happen.

Narrator: It isn’t?

Tyler Durden: We don’t need him!”

and to go a little further into the scene

Tyler Durden: First you have to give up, first you have to *know*… not fear… *know*… that someday you’re gonna die.”

Little did I know the powerful effect Fight Club would have on me years later. Still everyday I’m learning more and more how brilliant the movie is on a social level but what it keeps telling me on a personal level that I need to be the person who I am on the inside. 

Until my next rant! 


Watching Richard Dawkins’ “The Root of All Evil” has me in udder fear that religious people will refuse to change. Watching one segment of a Jewish man from NY moved to Jerusalem and converted Islamic probably struck me the hardest. He hated atheists because we ‘believe in nothing’ and that atheists don’t care what is happening to our society (and women he made a point to keep saying that). Granted in the U.S. and Europe we are based in a extremely individualistic society but to a point I want to say….IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS HOW OTHERS LIVE THEIR LIVES. Touche if you want to say but “Brendan don’t you want to change people’s minds about them believing in God?” Well no, I don’t want to be the one to demand or order them. I want them to go deep in thought, like I did, and put together the evidence and situations of why they’re thinking the way they are. I’m trying to get people to critically think. Use your highly evolved (or if you must ‘created’) mind to dig deeper than the surface.

Anyway back to the man. He was outwardly hostile and not at all willing to listen and accept another side of an argument. Would I have been so nice if someone came to me telling me that my belief sparks hatred around the world? Probably not and I guess that’s human nature at this point. But then again I guess passive atheists as myself do indeed spark hatred in the things I hear that they should round up all atheists and burn them or something like that. Like….what did I do? Not pay another tithe to your church? Cause wait….this is about big money again isn’t it? Yeah…..isn’t it always.

Do I think religion will be gone in my lifetime? I would venture a guess not. As our education system and government in general is weak and influenced by big money. One generation of critically thought taught children and we can be rid of it but alas tis animal instinct to follow the parent and believe what they believe because that’s how they survived so long. I believe like Bill Maher believes, atheism is the next ‘gay marriage’ in this country and more of them will ‘come out’ so to speak. But for now my atheist thoughts and outward writings will remind on tumblr and hinted vaguely on twitter and facebook…..or blurted out drunkenly because I’m sick of hiding and I want this issued confronted with these millions of smart individuals being suppressed!!!

As always be good, have fun and smile :)


have to say you hit the nail on the head here. as always you’re going to get the people like i’m a christian and i’m all about love and giving back. and there are some true to their word and some that simply like to believe they are.

why must people get so picky. happy holiday is a clear umbrella saying that gets all the wonderful times and days in one saying to bestow onto another person to wish them well. does the point not get across?

atheist or not i feel like a majority of religious people will not understand the message atheists are trying to promote simply because the believers feel as though they are being attacked, or that they are being told they are wrong. personally for me the message of atheism is live for your life today. do what makes you feel happy. there isn’t going to be another life like this one because there isn’t going to be another life. when you weigh yourself down with rules and laws on both your body and mind you can’t become the best human being you can be. have an open mind. see the story from both sides.

if i were a teacher and i kept reading and teaching the same science book from the 1970s for years and years with refusal to change my ways i would be fired. agreed? i think you can understand the parallel i’m trying make here.

instead of using “god” as an excuse to be a good person why not just be a good person to help us follow people have more smiles and ease our stress level for a little bit throughout the day.

Is it?

I think I’m guilty of what many Americans do and find joy and happiness in a celebrity couple. GAH I feel so dumb but I’ve been watching Pitch Perfect too much and have added another crush to my list of Geneveive, Emma, Emma and Anna. Whom is Kelley Jakle. But Adam Devine is dating her and for some reason I’m happy about that. And to sound even more weird/(is pathetic too strong of a word?) but creepy found her FB profile and they look so cute together. Now if only Ders would date Anna and I would be so happy. ANY the who I should really just concentrate on my own life instead of day dreaming of what would happen if I met these people. Hint I’m never going to. Who visits Western Mass on a whim? 

Gee. Oh. Deeeeeeee.

Do I…..Brendan Everett Kane. Believe in the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu sense of “God.” No. Not at all. It’s on the same level of Mythology. Actually no mythology was a lot cooler. I am an agnostic atheist. Essentially that means I personally can’t prove “God” doesn’t exist but I have my believes and theories why to believe he doesn’t. I love to think of it from something my friend Sarah Dickerson told me from philosophy class that “God” does exist because we (as humans) think it into existence. While it exists in many a mind in Western society. It exists purely as a historical figure that has greatly affected the landscape of recent human history. A terrible virus pasted down from generation to generation if you will. Spreading unnecessary pride, war, and suffering to the innocent people. 

I can’t believe in any God that has allowed most of this stuff that has come across humanity. If we are made in such an image. I can’t believe it has pictures of the holocaust in it’s house or Jack the Ripper esque friends hanging out for dinner. 

I’m sure I’ve dropped this theory many a time but it never seems to be able to come out correctly or as powerful as I want it to sound. My theory is that religion, god is purely a social creation. Like the economy. Money. The value of money or the economy does NOT exist unless we believe in it. Start believing this paper (cotton) or plastic doesn’t exist or have any merit then boom….shit goes down. Why the Christian came about I personally don’t know because I haven’t read up on the history of it but it exists and has been used for everything but the correct reasons and morals the Bible was there. The Bible was essentially a written book about how to live in 5th century A.D. culture. Annnnndddddddd people in the 21st century still want to live that way? I don’t know. I guess people believe that it’s printed in the 21st century so it applies to this modern day life style? Sigh. 

Napoleon saw that religion was good because it kept the masses happy and also another philosophy (and American “enemy”) Marx. Religion and God are simply in human nature. Human nature being super communication based. What brings people closer together than worshiping one figure? A common enemy haha. Both really bring people together. 

Creation Debate

Well this debate has got me thinking. Something finally somewhat distracting me from Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick, Britney Snow and Anna Camp <3. But like a lot of things I’m on the fence with the issue I’m presented. 

On one side I completely agree with Bill Nye. Like come on. There needs to be the separation between School/State/Church. All three separated. How can you believe the earth is 6000 years old and that we were created like this? thinking about it this is such a strange being to look like. But in order to reproduce our brain thinks other humans attractive. So science and psychology. 

On the other hand I don’t want to tell people they’re wrong in their life and they need to reconstruct an entire concept that they’ve carried with them their whole life. Like telling a running you don’t need running shoes…..like you’ll have a lot of runners calling BS and not believing you. Sure it’s hurting you in the long run but it’s alright. In this issue it has tax and mass population implications so it’s kind of important to show that there’s a difference between physical evidence and a book written and translated a thousand times, thousands of years ago written about events happening a couple hundreds years before that. We’ve all played telephone in school if you get where I’m going with this. 

The thing I’ve learned is that I don’t want to get involved with people’s lives. They had the unfortunate pleasure of being born and being a ticking time bomb of enjoying a few short years in a world that doesn’t have it’s priorities straight instead messed up with historical politics and religion instead of making life as enjoyable, beneficial and happy for everyone. Any way getting side tracked. I see this hypocritical with conservatives a lot of the time. “HEY I don’t want governement in my life and taking my guns and money!!” then “HEYYYYY the church says you can’t abort that baby because JESUS wants that kid to live an awful life with you because you can’t support yourself and we don’t want the government supporting you.” Anyone of my one reader see how they don’t want anyone running their lives but they want the church running everyone’s life? Frustrating. 

The Real Hunger Games

I guess this was a real “in the shower” realization. I’ve taking a free online class called Health and Society and they were talking about social income inequality. So after seeing a few videos of different psychological studies as well as watching the lectures it was quite amazing how unequal the whole United States is in regards to the top percentile controlling more wealth then the rest of the 99%. On and on and on it goes with those types of stats along with the immobility to go up in class in the United States. Essentially where you’re born is what you’re going to live in the rest of your life. No real “American Dream” except a lucky few of course. Along with this class I’ve been reading the Hunger Games book series (loving it by the way). A book about how “the Capitol” controls 12 other “districts” which provide their region specific resources to the Capitol while a majority of the people live in poverty. I’m not sure if Suzanne Collins meant to make such a relation to economic status in the books but  at least in my head it relates. 

The big difference I see in the United States compared to the book is that in the book the Capitol is the government and all controlling and in the United States at least in my eyes I see capitalism, money, the big companies as our rulers (i.e. lobbyist, bribery, corruption and greed). But in both scenarios you can see mass propaganda to the lower classes making them believe that that’s where they belong. Propaganda in the book being the video footage of the “destroyed” district 13 and constant reminders that the Capitol has been gracious enough to allow the other districts to live. In the real world (I’ll Fight Club this) “advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need." 90% of the media is controlled by SIX companies. All these companies have multiple stakes in many other aspects in our lives to sell us shit. They have us chasing the idea of an "American Dream" where with hard work you can have that 200,000 sq. ft. house in the suburbs of Boston. But do you know what hard work gets you if you work at McDonalds? Staples? CVS? A pat on the head. You can’t move up unless you have a degree. Where do you get a degree? Oh you have to spend thousand upon thousands of dollars to go full-time or part-time and missing out on work, family and free time. It’s an awful loop for people not born into better off situations. And with those people who work one or two dead end jobs to be able to provide for their family, girlfriend, wife what do they get from the wealthy? Heckled, looked down at, disgraced because they’re perceived as lazy for not going to college or "working harder" to get promoted. But this unfair society we have deems it okay because the ones with the money are perfectly happy getting fat, not caring about the health, well being and lives of majority of the people. Tell me if we have all known that cigerettes and fast food are super bad for you for probably 10+ years now why aren’t they forced to change? Money, money, money, money. It’s disgusting. 

Anyway my comparison to the Hunger Games is that in the United States we have the real world we eventually have to go into, find shelter, a job, a mate and so on, mostly depending on the income you bring in. The book has the actual Hunger Games which is basically a scaled version of the “real world.” The “Victor” gets his/her life made for the rest of their life for winning. Districts 1 and 2 have an advantage and are known as the “Careers” having every advantage in life getting to train all their lives for the hunger games. While District 12 is poor, underfed and their only concern in life is surviving to the next day. I personally see this as it parallels with our real world. The “Careers” have enough food and shelter and only have to worry about school, getting good grades, having the chance to take SAT prep classes and getting into amazing universities and go onto getting great high paying jobs. Where district 12 people see school as a government requirement and wait to be able to get a job and help support their family and engage at the “black market” and little to no thought about college. Until one lucky one has a chance to get “sponsored” and go to school for free and get the advantage of a college education. 

I guess the point of this rant is to show that I’m sick and disgusted that people think they have all the control in the world to do and become what you want when you have little to no power depending on where you’re born. The big business, people with money have control on our government to protect THEIR interests. Politicians are taking the money and just voting on party lines because if they don’t what do you know they aren’t running next year for the position. I think the government is just laughing at this like it’s all been worked out. The way they can suppress the majority of the population with religion, advertisement, reality TV and sports. It’s all frustrating and I know I sound like a communist, socialist, liberal but all those words are just that. WORDS. With negative connotations that come from the 1950s with the Red Scare and The Cold War. The communists were atheists so America decided that we would be God Bless the United States. The founding fathers were theists. They believed in God but knew the importance of the separation of church and state and of religious freedom. But what do we have in the U.S.? Patting down every mulism because it’s “different” and it isn’t “white America.” It doesn’t make sense and I keep seeing this country filled with ignorant, arrogant, and scared peple who won’t move on and grow up. America is falling. The only thing that keeps our status is the whole fucking army we don’t need that everyone is scared of. But the upkeep of that army, navy and airforce? UN-BELIEVEABLE. The thing that’s keeping our status is sinking us further and further and further into debt. Our economy is doomed and instead of putting it off we need to bite the bullet and see everyone on the other side. 

*Drops mic on stage*

I Must Be

I have to be wrong here. Just the whole coaching thing. I have to be wrong about it. My personality just can’t be right for it. I have to be the one that’s wrong. I’m not looking for anyone to say different because it is quite obvious if the EL administration, all the EL coaches and even a past coach don’t want me back. I have be very wrong by the ways I’m going about things. Even looking how they don’t call me to sub anymore after the whole Principal’s daughter incident. I feel like Katniss, having the Capitol watching all my moves, waiting to catch me outside the electric fence and turn it on. Well EL you didn’t have to go through so much trouble. I wish you just ended it during the season to make the situation perfectly clear that this behavior is not acceptable in their sports program. I’m young I’m insecure in this big setting and I want to help the girls I know will listen. That’s my defense but I’m the adult and I should see my actions carry consequences whether conscious or unconscious actions they affect those young minds either way, good or bad. 

Shame on me.